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Paver Patios & Stone Patios

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Creating Paver Patios and Stone Patios in Metro Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

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Everything Begins With The Patio!

Paver Patios!

Paver patios offer a wide-range of options, including numerous varieties, colors and patterns. The paver products Allin Landscaping offers are Belgard, Techo-Block and Cambridge. Some of the many Belgard possibilities include the Lafitt Rustic Slab, the pillow smooth-top Cambridge Cobble and the elegant, time-worn look of the Dublin Cobble. Recently, Allin Landscaping added the Techo-Block collection to products offered to their customers.  This selection includes the massive, luxurious Aberdeen and the Borealis, which provides an indoor warmth and rich look of hardwood.  The Cambridge Sherwood collection includes the Ledgestone collection as well as several other varieties from which to choose. Our experienced team is prepared to present our customers with the wide varieties available to them in our paver selections!

In addition to pavers, there are many types of stone patios that can be selected from for the backyard get-a-way! Stone patio varieties include rugged irregular flagstone to formal sawcut rectangle and square flagstone or travertine. They can also be large flagslab stones with gatordust joints or woodland patios with pea gravel and groundcover growing in the joints to something as simple and graceful as a pea gravel patio bordered by rubble stone. Again, our experienced team is prepared to present the multi-varied possibilities to our customers and then professionally install a wonderful patio to be enjoyed as a backyard gathering space for friends and family!

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Flagstone Patio

FlagSlab Patio with Pondless Waterfall and Outdoor Fireplace

Comfortable Outdoor Room!

Old York Paver Patio and Tandem Wall

Flagstone Patio with New Waterfall

Woodland Flagstone Patio with Groundcover Growing in the Joints

Woodland Flagstone Patio with Groundcover Growing in the Joints

Paver Patio With Circle Kit

Woodland FlagSlab Patio with Pea Gravel in the Joints

FlagSlab Patio with Gator Dust Joints

Woodland FlagSlab Patio with Pea Gravel in the Joints

Cozy Get-A-Way Paver Patio!

Woodland Pea Gravel Patio with Pondless Waterfall

Patio with Groundcover Growing in the Joints Woodland Pea Gravel Patio Flagstone Patio 1 Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab 1 Craigs

Lafitt Paver Patio at the Outdoor Kitchen

Catalina Paver Patio Dining Under the Cedar Pergola

The New Favorite Room of the House!

Flagstone Patio

Paver Patios

Stone Patios

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Transforming the backyard into the new favorite room of the home, a backyard get-a-way, is one of our passions at Allin Landscaping! What a wonderful place to retreat to at the end of a busy, stressful day or week to enjoy alone or with family and friends!

One of the most important elements of this new favorite room of the house is the patio... Everything begins with the patio! The type, the size and the location of the patio are extremely important to the feel of the backyard living space! At Allin Landscaping we offer a broad range of patio styles for our customers enabling them to choose the type of patio that fits their personality.

Everything Begins With The Patio!

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Rustic Slab Paver Patio at the Pool

A - Editted and Cropped Patio, Table, Kitchen, Fire Pit, Mag

Warm, Inviting Backyard Get-A-Way!

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