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Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Creating Unique Fire Pits,  Outdoor Fireplaces and Unique Fire Features in Metro Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Murfreesboro, Tennessee!

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Wood Burning Fire Pit!

What a great gathering place for

family and friends throughout the year!

Cultured Stone Fire Pit with Natural Flagstone Cap

Screened In Porch with Flagstone Fireplace!

A wonderful way to be outside...inside!

Enjoying the fire outside without pesty mosquitos!

Gas Burning Fire Pit Under a Pavilion Roof!

Outdoor Living with Flagstone Outdoor Fireplace by the Pool!

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Contemporary Gas Burning Fire Pit with Fire Glass!

Sleek, Contemporary, Mortar-Rubbed Gas Fire Pit

Sunken Fire Pit with a Woodland Patio!

A Sunken Fire Pit on a Recently

Completed Project in Murfreesboro!!

For Those Wanting a Brick Fire Pit!

Contemporary Outdoor Gas Burning Fire Pit!

For Those Wanting Fire and Water!

The Warmth of an Outdoor Fireplace!

Building to Fit the Style of our Customers!

Bringing the Mountains to Your Backyard!

Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace creates a warm and inviting gathering space for any backyard get-a-way. What a great place to gather around the warmth of a crackling fire to relax, chat with family and friends, to roast some hot dogs and marshmallows, and, of course, to make everyone’s favorite, s’mores. Allin Landscaping offers numerous styles and varieties of outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace to fit each of their customer’s taste.

harlan fireplace

Fire pits provide an intimate setting allowing round-the-table conversation over the fire. Some prefer the natural wood burning option, maybe with a gas starter, while others choose the convenience of an all gas fire pit. The natural wood burning selection is usually not the best choice when under a thick tree canopy, pergola or pavilion roof because of obvious fire concerns. But who doesn’t enjoy the sound of a loud, crackling fire?


All gas fire pits can provide more safety under a roof or trees. The ease of turning on and off the fire, along without needing a supply of wood to create a fire can make the all gas fire pit an appealing option. These are all part of the many factors Allin Landscaping helps navigate their customers through when considering the best fire pit for their backyard living room.

Fire Pits

Outdoor Fireplaces

Other customers appreciate the striking architectural presentation of a stone outdoor fireplace for their backyard living room. The outdoor fireplace can also be gas or wood burning with a gas starter and created from natural or cultured stone, brick or modular blocks. A mantle of wood, stone or brick can be added to the outdoor fireplace, or even an outdoor television for watching that favorite game or show while outside. And, of course, a stone outdoor fireplace can be added to a screened in porch as well as a three or four-season room to add beauty and warmth to the space.


There are important elements to properly building the outdoor fireplace to draw the smoke up the chimney and not in the face of those gathered to enjoy its fire. Two of those elements include the appropriate height of the chimney and the correct construction of the flue. These are essential to a successful outdoor fireplace as well as the construction of a good, solid foundation for the outdoor  fireplace to be built on to prevent shifting and settling of the fireplace.

Are You Ready?

It is always exciting to meet with our customers and show them pictures of the many various styles of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits they can choose from for their backyard retreat. Interested in seeing which fire pit or outdoor fireplace creates the best gathering space in your backyard? Why don’t you call Allin Landscaping today at 615.351.5776 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation? There is no obligation and it could change your life. We look forward to hearing from you!

Another broad variety of stone fire pits are constructed of manufactured modular stone that provide a more contemporary style. The modular fire pit can also be round, square or rectangle and typically costs less than a natural flagstone option. Some prefer a natural flagstone cap on the modular fire pit while others choose a modular cap or no cap at all.


Another more traditional style of fire pit offered by Allin Landscaping is a brick fire pit. Some homeowners like the ability to have a brick fire pit that matches the brick of their home. The cap stone for the brick fire pit may be brick or natural flagstone.


And still another type of fire pit that can be featured in the backyard get-a-way is a sunken, woodland fire pit. Many times, this is the preferred style when a woodland patio is chosen consisting of large slabs of flagstone with groundcover growing in the flagstone joints. The sunken patio adds to the natural, woodland feel of the patio.

There are numerous styles of fire pits offered by Allin Landscaping to their homeowner customers. Depending on the customer’s preference, fire pits can be round, square or rectangle. Some of the more unique fire pits include water combined with fire. Custom stone fire pits choices include natural or cultured (man-made) flagstone built to any style and size. Typically, the stone fire pits include a cap, which is a wider, flat stone on the top of the fire pit wall constructed of natural flagstone. Fire brick is built on the inside wall of the fire pit to protect the stone from heat damage. The stone on the outside walls of the fire pit may be smaller stack stone or larger random rectangle and square stones creating an Ashlar pattern.

Selecting Your Style...

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