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Design...The Process

Garden design

Once you call Allin Landscaping, we will begin the process that consists of three simple steps: the design consultation, the design development, and design implementation.

Design Consultation

A thorough, well thought-out evaluation of the home and its setting is extremely important as it relates to the desires of the homeowner to create a distinctive landscape that can be enjoyed for years to come. Some of the many factors to be considered are:

The success of every landscape initially rests entirely on its design!

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What unique elements can be added to the landscape of the home to promote distinction? We are not interested in providing you with what others have. We want to help you to set the standard with unique distinction!


Where are the viewing focal points from inside the house so that the landscaping can be enjoyed year-round from inside the house as well as outside?


What about privacy from the view of others and screening out unwanted views?


Would a water feature fit into the landscape development of the house?


Which plants will best suit the site?

Plant selection is critical to the long-term success of every landscape! Shade loving plants installed in full sun will ultimately decline and look unattractive and will possibly even die in that environment. Fast growing plants installed in small areas will require constant pruning to maintain scale with the area where they are planted. This creates a high maintenance situation that could have been avoided with proper planning.

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It breaks the heart of every conscientious landscaper to see plants planted in the wrong place. And homeowners are disappointed at the loss of their time and investment when they see their plants decline or die many times not realizing that the plant decline could have been avoided with proper planning.

Plants are living organisms that require

thoughtful consideration concerning where they live to provide the homeowner with optimum performance from each plant!

Many years of tested landscape experience and research is incorporated into every landscape plan developed by Allin Landscaping. Ongoing research of understanding the appropriate environment for each plant and how that benefits each customer in their specific landscape need is a never-ending process of development at Allin Landscaping. This provides incalculable value to each customer's particular need.

One of the unique services Allin Landscaping offers to our customers is to meet with them at a nursery to pick out plants for their home! This has always been such a wonderful experience for our customers welcoming them to be very much a part of the landscape design and development of their home! It also introduces them to a wide variety of plants as well as unique, specimen plants they were not aware of that they could have at their home! Why don’t you sign up with us today for your Allin Landscaping escorted nursery visit to pick out plants for your home?!

After the Design Consultation meeting, we will develop a plan for the Landscape Development. Several years of landscape experience is incorporated into every design developed by Allin Landscaping. Considerable thought is given to every landscape design to ensure creativity, distinction, and function!

Design Development

Design Implementation

During the Design Development stage, Allin Landscaping brings into the process the people specializing in the areas of their expertise that perform the work. Combining our creativity and experience a design is developed to include all the project elements.


Once the design is completed a proposal is generated complete with multiple options for the customer to choose. A meeting is then scheduled with the homeowner for Allin Landscaping to present the design and the proposal options. During this meeting, we will help the customer to visualize the proposed landscaping to fulfill their landscape dreams and needs!

When the homeowner decides what options they would like performed at their home, the excitement increases with the design implementation, the installation of the work! It's inspiring to commence and complete the creation of the landscaping at our customer's home, especially when they have been so much a part of the entire process!


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Picking out plants for their home with George Allin at the nursery!

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Design...The Process

First of all, we will meet with you at your home to discuss your landscape dreams and needs. We will show you photographs of what can be developed at your home. Then, we carefully listen to what is important to you! As you share with us, we will provide the inspiration of many years of landscape experience to begin to develop a custom landscape with distinction for your home.


Landscaping is such an important element to the enjoyment and value of one of your major investments, your home! Therefore, we will work closely with you to develop a custom landscape that will complement the beauty and style of your home.


Consideration may also be given to installing the landscaping in phases for budget or other reasons.

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