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Design...The Process

Design Consultation

A thorough, well thought-out evaluation of your home and its setting is extremely important as it relates to your desire to create a distinctive outdoor project that can be enjoyed for years to come.

The success of every outdoor project initially rests entirely on its design!

How will the outdoor space be used… for cooking, dining, relaxing, gathering with others, beauty... and what elements can be added to the space for these intended purposes?


How many people should be planned for using the different areas of the outdoor space?


What are the viewing focal points from inside the house so that the outdoor space can be enjoyed year-round from inside the house as well as outside?


What about privacy from the view of others and screening out unwanted views?


What plants should be incorporated into the design for the long-term success of the project!

During the Design Development stage, Allin Landscaping brings into the process experts specializing in the areas of their experience that will be performing the actual work of the project. Combining their creativity and experience helps to promote a comprehensive and creative design.


Once the design is completed, a proposal is generated complete with multiple options from which you can choose. We will then schedule a meeting with you to present the design and the proposal options for your consideration.

After the Design Consultation meeting, we will begin to develop the design for your outdoor project. Several years of experience is incorporated into every design developed by Allin Landscaping. Considerable thought is given to every design to ensure creativity, distinction, and function!

Design Development

Design Implementation

When you decide what options you would like performed at your home, the excitement increases with the design implementation, the installation of the work! It will be exciting to experience the creation of this unique outdoor project at your home, especially when you have been so much a part of the entire process!

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First of all, we will meet with you at your home to closely listen to your interests of what you would like to see created at your home. As you share with us, we will provide the inspiration of many years of experience giving ideas and showing you several photographs of the possibilities that can be developed at your home.


The development of your project is such an important element to the enjoyment and value of one of your major investments, your home! Therefore, we will work closely with you to develop a custom design that will complement the beauty and style of your home, as well as increase the value of your property.


Once you call Allin Landscaping, we will begin the process of creating your outdoor project that consists of three simple steps: the design consultation, the design development, and the design implementation.

Design Consultation

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Design...The Process

Some of the many factors to be considered are: