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The Joy of Plants!

Plants are the life of any landscape! In addition to being part of my livelihood, they are a hobby of mine! Although I have many years of experience in landscaping I am constantly learning about plants!

One of the joys of our business is meeting our customer's at a nursery to select plants for their home! The joy of introducing our customers to plants they have never seen before...or plants they have seen and wanted to have at their own home! And they love it as well! 

And I am always learning about and discovering new plants almost every trip I make to the nursery with our customers!

Come go with us!!!

George Allin
Lush Autumn Ferns planted by a boulder provides a woodland feel even in the city!
Virdis Japanese Maple! A specimen laceleaf weeping Japanese maple can beautify any entrance!
The majesty of Deodar Cedars! One of my sons and I planted this tree many years ago at one of my past homes!
The simple elegance of a single Emerald Green Arborvitae underplanted with vibrant Purple Wave Petunias and Yellow Coleus! Those are stately Cryptomeria planted at the corner of the house!
The right groundcover adds so much interest to the landscaping! Our design and installation included a new woodland stepping stone walkway planted with Blue Star Creeper among the stepping stones. This is a great creeping groundcover with small blue star shaped blooms. 
The Columnar Collection

At another one of our past homes we planted this Scotch Pine Topiary to provide distinction for the front of the house! The Spiral Emerald Green Arborvitae made a great companion to the Topiary! These are some of my favorite specimen and columnar plants!
This is just the beginning of this page, 
The Joy of Plants!

Many of these pictures come from Allin Landscaping projects. However, others come from plants George Allin has seen throughout his landscape experience!

If you see a plant from your home or project, 
we hope that you will enjoy it being 
published for the world to enjoy!

Check back often for updates or email us with a request to be notified with updates!

Blessings to you and your landscapes!

George Allin
Weeping Mulberry 
Black Dragon Cryptomeria underplanted with
Fire Witch Dianthus!
Planting a large Nellie R. Stevens Holly, 12'!
A great, hardy evergreen tree with glossy green leaves and beautiful red berries during the winter!
Mike and Allison C. are with George Allin at a wholesale nursery selecting plants for their home!
The above 8' tall Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce 
will be planted at their home soon!
The Glory of Spring!
These two pictures are the same Yoshino Cherry showing off its vibrant, multi-colored floral display!
Yoshino Cherries are hardy, arching, prolific spring performers. 
Mopheads, or Threadleaf Cypress, provide a bright yellow show even in the cold, cold days of winter! Plant them by Creeping Phlox, like the above picture, and enjoy the combination of their colors!
Elephant Ears can add interest to any garden! At our last house we had them planted in our pondless waterfall! They thrived in that setting!
Disco Belle Red and White 
Hardy Hibiscus 
What a magnificent bloom offered by the Luna Red Hardy Hibiscus!
Need tropical? Try Hardy Hibiscus!

...or a show-stopping Blue Atlas Cedar 
adding elegance to any landscape...
...or the unique Weeping Serpentine 
Blue Atlas Cedar!

Some love the in-your-face
Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar...

Emerald Green Arborvitae Hedge
A great screening option for intimate spaces!
Emerald Green Arborvitae
Boxwood Fastigiata
Green Mountain Boxwood
Emerald Green Arborvitae Spiral
Sky Pencil
Sky Pencil
Grouping of Three
Columnar Blue Spruce
Irish Juniper
Alberta Spruce
Italian Cypress
Taylor Juniper
Possible Italian Cypress Alternative
Irish Yew Fastigiata
Columnar Sweet Gum
Columnar Sweet Gum
Pyramidal European Hornbeam
Hunter Trees in Alabama
Columnar English Oak
Grouping of Three
Columnar Norway Spruce
Columnar English Oak
Evergreen Trees
We like to use columnar plants to add a distinctive, architectural element to the landscape!
Arizona Cypress Blue Ice
Green Giant Arborvitae
Green Giant Arborvitae
Deodar Cedar
Deodar Cedar Aurea
Little Gem Magnolia
Skyland's Spruce
Norway Spruce
Little Gem Magnolia
Bracken Brown Beauty Magnolia
Nellie R Stevens Holly
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